Recognition of Outstanding Members and Partnerships within our Profession


Make this year memorable for your colleagues by recognizing their achievements as you nominate them for a coveted AAFCS-Texas Affiliate State Award. The award honorees will be announced  during the Awards Banquet at the Annual American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences-Texas Affiliate, State Conference in Denton.  

Take advantage of this opportunity to nominate your fellow professionals by rewarding them for their accomplishments, hard work and dedication to the numerous fields of Family and Consumer Sciences. In past years there have been several of our awards that have not had any submissions, so please be thinking of potential deserving awardees for 2020. Start now and make it your goal to have several nominees for each category! Remember you can ask a fellow member to nominate you or you can reward yourself by completing your own nomination to highlight your desiring achievements.

Review the following award categories and submit your nomination(s) today! Click on each category for guidelines:


        Professional of the Year 

Member has made major contributions to the FCS profession, displayed leadership abilities, been active in the association, and is highly respected by her/his peers.


Texas Leader of the Year

Member has completed more than eight (8) years of service to the field through their involvement in AAFCS.

           Texas Leader of the Year Awardees

       New Achiever Award

Member has at least three (3) but no more than eight (8) years of service to the field through their involvement in AAFCS.

            New Achievers Award Winners

       Texas Teacher of the Year

Member is an FCS elementary and secondary teacher who has exemplary programs and/or teaching methods and techniques.

        Texas Teacher of the Year Awardees

        Friend of the Family

An individual or organization involved at the local or state level in the policy-making process whose work over time has made significant contributions that affect the well-being of Texas families 

        Light for Texas Families

FCS professionals, community leaders, students and friends of the family volunteers who, through their work or community service, provide a valuable light and voice to families.

      Light of Texas Families Awardee

All Texas awards nominations should be sent by November 1, 2019 to  Nomination Guidelines and forms can be found at www.tafcs.orgunder Awards on the left side of the page. Selections will be completed by the Awards Committee in a timely manner so that honorees can plan to attend the 2020 Awards Banquet to receive their recognition. The Teacher of the Year, Leader of the Year and New Achiever honorees who are notified by the VP Member Relations officer that they qualify to apply for appropriate national award counterparts should be prepared to represent the AAFCS-Texas Affiliate as the award nominee for the following year upon their recognition at the Texas Award Banquet.




The Mabel Erwin recognition is extended to members who have sustained their dedication of membership to the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences for 40, 50, or 60 years. If you have this distinction the AAFCS-Texas Affiliate would like to honor you during the Best of Texas Award Banquet. Please contact Janet Rodriguez for more details at





Acrobat File 2014 AAFCS-TX Award Winners

Acrobat File Past Leader of the Year Winners

Acrobat File Past New Achiever of the Year Winners

Acrobat File Past Professional of the Year Winners

Texas Light of Families Winners

Acrobat File Past Special Awards Winners

Acrobat File Past Teacher of the Year Winners

Acrobat File Past National Awards Winners

Acrobat File 2011 AAFCS National Awards

Acrobat File AAFCS Past Board Members

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